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44 Mag Brass

Starline 44 Mag Brass starts with consistent metallurgy, precise tooling, tight quality control, and 30 plus years of experience. Starline guarantees 100% of their 44 Mag brass to have flash hole presence and of the correct length and diameter.  Also, Starline vertically draws their brass to minimize variation in wall thickness. Starline tests their 44 Mag brass at elevated pressures for heavy Magnum loads for use in adequate firearms. Additionally, Starline recommends annealing the mouth when loading with black powder to create a proper seal. Starline manufactures their 44 Mag brass to withstand high-pressure loads associated with smokeless hunting loads; since the only way to make brass harder is to work the material, Starline leaves them stiffer so you can anneal for your specific application. Starline’s annealing procedures can be viewed in section #4 of their FAQ. When it comes to selecting the best in 44 Mag brass, choose Starline for your reloading needs.

OAL: 1.270″ – 1.280″

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44 Mag Brass






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