Executive VIP Waistcoat Body Armour NIJ Level IIIA


Model:  WC102-NIJ3A

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Cover Features
Low profile and flexible fabrics
Low profile flame resistant Velcro

Protection & Coverage 
NIJ level IIIA (3a) – high velocity 9mm, .357 Sig, .44 Magnum and shotguns
Stab – In house tested protection against most common knife attacks
Edge to edge performance 
Unisex – Made from flexible uni directional technology that wraps around the body 
Coverage area front, back and sides
Internal armour panels are compatible with other VestGuard covers,
Remove panels and swap covers

Incremental sizes S-XXXXL

Lightweight polycotton
Coolmax  mesh ventilation layer for excellent sweat management
Flame Resistant (BS 6941:2003) 

Waist closures 

Other colours available upon request

Weight & Thickness (Size L)
Base weight from 2.4 kg 
5-7mm flexible technology wraps around the contours of the body

Easy remove protection for cleaning 
Care instructions included

ISO 9001:2015 quality standard
CE marked ergonomic design

Manufacturers Warranty*
5 Year Protection Guarantee
1 Year carrier excellence warranty
Made in the UK by VestGuard with Quality and Protection Guarantee

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