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When the government is constantly attempting to limit our firearm options, magazine capacities, and where we can and can not carry it is more important than ever to keep a quality blade on hand. A quality blade will serve a multitude of tasks ranging from daily use to tactical defense and Cold Steel makes some of the best. Cold Steel makes outstanding knives and bladed tools to complete any task at hand with extreme durability and reliability. Pick up a Cold Steel Blade today and see what you have been missing.

Modesty seldom comes into play when we are describing how good our knives are. But in the case of the Master Hunter, we’ve been unquestionably negligent in that department. So, modesty aside, we want to go on record and say, without a doubt, the Master Hunter is the best hunting knife you can obtain at any price. It features a broad VG-1 San Mai III blade that’s been flat ground to achieve the ideal blade cross-section and edge geometry. Carefully honed to razor sharpness, its edge cuts effortlessly while its dropped point simplifies the chore of field dressing and skinning.

Specifications and Features:
Item Number: 36JSK
Master Hunter
4.5″ Fixed Blade
9.25″ Overall Length
VG-1 San Mai III Steel
6.4 oz
3/16″ Blade Thickness
4.75″ Kray Ex Handle
ConcealEx Sheath