Starline 10mm brass – 100pcs


  • Headstamps Are Mixed
  • Unprocessed
  • Washed and Polished
  • 100% Brass Casings
  • 100 Casings


10mm Brass

10mm brass refers to the cartridge casing used in firearms chambered for the 10mm Auto caliber. It serves as the container for the powder, primer, and projectile, providing structural integrity and reliable functionality during firing.

The 10mm Auto is a popular pistol cartridge known for its powerful performance and versatility. It was originally developed for the FBI as a high-velocity round capable of delivering excellent stopping power. Today, it is widely used for self-defense, hunting, and competitive shooting.

10mm brass for sale

Are you in search of top-quality 10 brass for your shooting needs? Look no further than Primers Mart. We offer a wide selection of 10mm brass that combines excellent performance, reliability, and reloadability.

10mm brass

Our 10mmbrass is manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring consistent dimensions and reliable functioning in your firearm. Made from durable brass material, it provides the necessary strength and durability to handle the pressures generated by the 10mm Auto cartridge.

10mm Brass in stock 

Visit our website today to explore our inventory of 10 m m brass in stock. Order now and elevate your shooting experience with reliable and high-performance ammunition. Get your brass 10mm from Primers Mart and take your shooting to the next level!

FAQs about 10mm Brass

Q: What is 10mm brass? A: 10m brass refers to the cartridge casing used in firearms chambered for the 10mm Auto caliber. It is an essential component of ammunition that houses the bullet, powder, and primer.

Q: Is  brass 10mm reloadable? A: Yes, 10m brass is reloadable. It is designed to withstand multiple reloads, allowing shooters to reuse the brass casing by replacing the primer, powder, and bullet.

Q: Can I use 10brass for other calibers? A: No, it is important to only use 10mm brass for the 10mm Auto caliber. Using brass designed for other calibers can result in dangerous malfunctions and should be avoided.







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